The Love He Wanted…

He shared his love through night n day,
I though I had the perfect date.
He came at me, with his hard bony fist,
I tried to duck and ended a flunked.
I should have known, the worst were comin...

Now I am here, a mother of fear,
A mother that has been broken from hate,
Holding my baby, for the love it deserves.
We both fear what could come,
Any moment through the door.

There comes a knock, what'll I do,
I'm to scared to answer, for iv'e been through much
He starts to fuss, I start to hush.
Bang! Bang! Bang!
The door opens up,
my saviors are here.
At the end the last 6 lines it's talking about how her saviors (the police, F.B.I) have found her through all her years of abuse. The second verse "now I am here.....through the door" it's 2 years into her future where she has a baby now trying to keep it away from her abusive boyfriend. the first is the hurt she's been through and what he's done and what he could....

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