The love I once had

The love I once had was like a roaring fire,
Burning bright and hot with passionate desire.
We held each other close, our love so true,
It felt like nothing in the world we couldn't do.

But as time went on, the flame began to fade,
And our once perfect love began to degrade.
The cracks began to show, we started to fight,
And soon enough, we were no longer alright.

The love I once had seemed a distant dream,
A memory of what could have been.
But even though our love is now in the past,
I'll always cherish it, it will forever last.

For the love I once had was a precious thing,
A bond so strong, it made my heart sing.
And though we're not together, I still hold it dear,
For the love I once had, will always be near.

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This story is about the love I once had