The Love of a Mother

The love of a mother
Her gentle touch, soft words
The time she spent pouring into your soul
Her sweat, tears, and grace
All the times she wiped your tears
Covered you from the anger of the world.

It's her love that sets the example
That one day you will carry on
All the times she kissed away the fear
The scratches, burns, bites
even the wounds she couldn't see
the ones inside that other people made.

Her love that pushed you out of the nest
The love that is only a call away
It carries across the miles
You can feel the warmth in your chest.

A mother's love carries on!
Even when she is gone
It's a love that set the bar high
A love that will never be gone
To mothers everywhere
You're our hero, we love you, mom.

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This Poems Story

A thanks to my amazing mother and grandmothers who've set a great example in my life. Thank you, Lauren, Ethan, Raelynn, and Dad. I love you guys!