The Love of Deception

I fell in love with the devil
He came to me with a smile on his face
And words that flowed charismatically out of his goldmine of a mouth
Sometimes he would let me see the horns beneath his melanin facade
I would look in awe
Gently caressing parts of him the rest of the world viewed as ugly

Despite my disregard of imperfections,
I was still treated as just another lost soul
That wandered my way into his outstretched arms
Embracing the flames that existed inside of his body
Permeating skin as sunlight
I never thought that the devil would be beautiful

But looking into his eyes was like watching the sunset
Eventually the light faded into darkness
But even then the stars still glistened
I let the knowledge of his love of deception slip
And willingly gave him my soul
He carried it in his pocket-pulling it out often

Reminding himself of the power that existed in his disguise
Every so often he extended his hand to me as if to give it back
But it was always just out of reach

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