The love of god.

God gave you a mind to think,
not party and drink, hearing music or sing.
Life isn't about YOLO or his hoe or how her hair go.
Its bout what YOU no.
Afterlife; having a baby & wife,
whats wrong and right.
not who killed who with a knife.
how he slept at night,
knowing he took a life.
How you steal, how he feel.
Is this life real does after time heal.
Only time reveal.
I might be mistaken,
but its all for the taken.
Sometimes you'll lost yourself, but u don't need anybody else.
Just God in sickness or health, he gives u your wealth.
takes u to heaven or death, whatever is left.
Just get on your knees, pray for life to ease,
don't forget your thank u & please.
God gave a brain, don't let this world drive u insane.
No its not a game, blood is pumping in your vein.
God does give u pain but it makes u alive & sane.
No1 but yourself to blame, If I die don't forget my name.

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