The Love of Perseverance

They were inseparable,
Nothing could happen that would make their love irreparable.
Their love was a love that made you want to be better.
Inspiring people every day in every way.
Then came the first wave.
The sports came, the busy schedules.
Games, recitals, practices.
So much schedule, so little time.
They always wanted to just stop on a dime.
Then came the job.
Long hours between games and practice.
They thought they'd never make it.
They did.
Love like no other, so pure, so sweet.
Love that would sweep you off your feet.
Then came another job.
Both have jobs, both have schedules.
So much structure, so little time.
Prayers, tears, cuddles, kisses.
Love that if one does not have he or she misses.
Make it last, don't make it fast.
Take it slow, don't let go.
Love deep, don't make each other weep.
Persevering love always wins,
Even if time always dims.

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