The Love of Siblings

A sibling's love is a lasting bond that not even death can break.
We wonder about the plan of God and why He chose four to take.
And with each passing it left a space of amazement in our heart.
How can we pick up the pieces of our lives, where do we start?
He picked the first flower, a rose, His garden needed some color.
He picked the second one a dancing daisy His garden needed another.
Then God saw that something was missing the other two looked so sad.
So He picked a tall colorful tulip and this made His heart glad.

The siblings played and were filled with happiness from above:
God always knows what's best, there's nothing like a sibling's love.
But then one day the three of them, were swaying in the wind.
Then the raindrops poured down and the clouds began to close in.
They knew it was something wonderful because this happened before.
The heavenly gates opened up, their brother came through the door!

He was a beautiful Arbutus, which means "thee only do I love."
He came to them just as he was he heard they needed a hug.
A sibling's love is like no other for the bond is made for life.
It goes beyond any other love, no other love will suffice.

When sibling's love grows it's a love that's so true.
Nothing can keep the siblings apart no matter what you do.
The four are together forever they have no more pain.
In God's special garden the siblings will remain.

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