The love of war

The love of war and that of pain,
Engraved in our hearts and on our minds.
Children laughing while our mothers cry,
Fathers scurrying off to die.
What's going through our troubled minds,
Leaving our men and women lost in time.
Spear through the heart bullet in the brain,
Sword in the stomach knife through a vein.
Politicians lust for power and control,
How far are we willing to let it go.
We punish criminals for their deeds,
While the government gets away Scott free.
Fighting to stop the killing with killing,
What are we proving what are we winning.
Governments telling us all their lies,
To believe them is it really wize.
We say that we are civilized,
While all around us cries and dies.
When will peace and freedom truly reign,
Maybe when we're lost in fire and rain.

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