The Love She Lost

She was born with color,
born with an identity,
born with fresh skin.

So pure, so new, so beautiful,
this was her love she learned for herself,
the love she lost.

As she grows and blossoms,
her outside and inside become so much more,
more valued, more cherished, more sacred,
the love she lost.

Stepping into her womanhood,
she promised, she sacrificed, she let go,
joining hands with her love and her truth,
the love she lost.

It was so sweet, so warm, so deep,
as she believed would be remained,
never to be torn, abandoned, washed away,
the love she lost.

It was shattered, bruised, broken,
as if it were just an item with no importance,
it was so fragile, so worthy, so giving,
it was... damaged and gone,
it was the love she lost.

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