The love that could have been

I sat reticent, waiting for my dove
But she never came, perhaps I was unloved
Was it a second, was it an hour
My tribulation seemed beyond my power
Far stared my eyes into the endless abyss
Hoping for something that was remotely bliss
My heart weighed down by a lifetime of pain
My attempts at a smile, hapless and in vain
Discontent seemed to be the only thing I knew
Reasons to live not plenty but few
But this life is a privilege that I have got
An honor it is to live it out
I have a broken heart with tears of agony
And I will not let it decide my destiny
I may have failed at love more than once
But I shall return and take my chance
And until I have the strength to really move on
I'll sit here and ponder, where did I go wrong?
Was I a shadow to her radiant eyes
Or was it just the desperate strives
Perhaps it was nothing but my own fault
Or maybe it was already a destined halt
There is no need to discern the pain
No use of trying hereon
I will fight soon again
But for now, all I need, is a shoulder to cry on

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