the love that once was

The love that once was what i looked forward to coming home when I was gone;
The love faded once I started to realize I was alone,
How can the other half of you be so sinister;
The one you were going to marry and go to church saved by the same minister,
Demons provoked the one you once knew is no longer around;
You keep screaming but nobody is around to hear that evil sound,
All the dreams came crashing down upon your shore;
Each wave crashing you don't know just how much more,
Can one soul handle all the pain inside;
How long will you live if all you do is run and hide,
Scared the only feeling that takes over runs deep within my veins;
Riding all alone by myself I've got to change lanes,
This life isn't that fairy tale they talk about;
This love can not last no communication only lies and doubt,
Awakening inside of me to escape the demon I become trapped;
Only pain felt every attempt to escape resulted in being slapped,
Love no longer lives here a dark cloud hovers over me where i roam;
I feel as if I'm stuck in a choke hold built around me is a dome,
I finally feel the courage to plan out my escape;
Before my last days become reality i got to get away hoping its fate,
I wait for the right night as the moon shines bright;
The darkness has him asleep i can see the light,
I run leaving behind everything I own;
I run looking at the blood and the broken bone,
Never looking back the love that once was;
Only moving forward and not caring what the past does,
Because i no longer live in fear of that demon creeping upon me;
I have my sunshine back no more pain will i have to see,
Never let a sinister love provoke you to lower who you are;
Never let any man leave with you a scar,
Get out before it is to late you can not be replaced;
Never give up the fight when Hell is what you have faced.

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