The Love Trek Into Darkness

They threw my arms around their necks,
Like love birds
On a long-lost journey
Twinkling dimly like tiny star specks..
We were scattered dreamily
Amidst the crying crowd,
While her cries drained down
All other sounds,
Fleeting between a bloodbath and light,
It is the story of how
This big bright world came into my sight.

Taught about love and careless youth,
Healed with a touch of
Feelinglessness of forgiveness
When I am all alone..
I left the cove of their bright little smiles,
Till the ghost snatched me away
From the safe lap of joy
Where I could always lay
Down my darkest fears,
And scream out my silent tears...

Someone bluffed me on lack of trust,
And I ran back home
To slap away the monsters of my past...
Till my mother's embrace shattered my heart,
And I had to start all over again,
Right from the start.

I remember those shoulder rides,
On my father's back
Through the millenial tunnels,
Flashing through the city sights...
Our limitless laughter
Like an insane pill
Drove us mad and drove us wild..
Till the years passed
And we were left alone
Sitting on our window sill.

There were tears in our mouths
When I left home in a rush..
They let go of my hands,
That they had reared with love so much..
I breathed a sigh,
For the pain I could not deny
And then left with a tearful eye..
To bring back today's light.

I am them now..
Maybe alone and still...
But the cries I cry
And the million sighs I silently sigh...
Resonate with the same breath
That I learnt to defy.
It hurts of loss
And burning pain,
When at night I go alone
To sleep on my huge cold bed..

There are no arms cuddled in mine,
No one's breath breathing down my chest
And noone to keep me awake at night
Anymore, with their playful unrest...

It hurts being a creator
When you cannot love the one you love..
They let go of your wrinkled hands one day..
And inch away like shawdowed smoke,
Leaving your heart empty
Just like a vagabond, as a happy broke..

Till it makes you regret in time..
And float back to the past...
To turn all things back
And to heal every crack
You understand how much those smiles can mean,
How loss can prick..
When once, all you thought about was
Who YOU could be.

Sometimes I really wish timeturners really did exist,
And I could go back in time to love them again.

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