The love we share

I held my wife when i was but three,
A babe in my arms, she lay against me;
A kiss I placed upon her head,
And though little I'd known, in many years we'd be we'd.
I laughed with my wife when i was just ten,
As we climbed up a tree, and back down again.
I then took out a knife, and a promise I carved, too forever be friends, and never apart.
I held my wife at seventeen,
As we gazed at the stars from a branch on our tree.
No longer best friends but something much stronger,
I prayed silently that this moment last longer.
I held my wife for all to see;
A promise she'd made, to marry me.
We'd forever remember this moment of bliss;
I slipped a ring on her finger and sealed with a kiss.
I held my wife as we cried for our babe, the child we had lost before she came.
Though we mourned for our daughter we knew that sometime,
We'd see her again; young and alive.
I held my wife as we said goodbye,
"I love you" I told her with tears in my eyes.
Her eyes were now closed; a smile on her face.
And I remembered our times, and the love that we shared.
God holds my wife in his loving arms, a child young and free, a shining star. My life will soon end, though happy I'll be. To hold her again so close to me.
Together again, and we will always be; my wife, my little baby girl, and me.

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