The Love

Love may be dismissed, cliche, a guise to turn away eyes
Lest it be torn open for trail.
Might love be an excuse for a while, guiding folly?
In this tragic comedy take Love to be your purpose, your mask
Or would you be brave to take yourself to be the purpose of Love
Ignore not that a lifetime in human form you are a home for your soul
Is the soul made of Love, constitute and resolute?
Or is Love the force, that moves you to die and to dream?
Love as it is felt in dreaming could not translate
In any of our common senses.
The home of Love is it's own dimension
The gate keeper might be charmed alone by poetry.
The physical aches of Love are vibrations of the gate keeper laughing
For she is wicked and terrific.
There is no natural law to keep you in Love
Love was cast out with belief in Magic
Both are true and lose arts, longing for sacrifice
Manifest thru blind faith
Trade your soul for Love -
Then trade your Love for a more righteous soul
Again, and again, and again..
Neither would be kept in this lifetime nor lost in the next.
"Hello Image" - whispers Love as it left.

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