The Lovely Bones

By Olivia   

Down in this hole I can't breathe

Feeling like a thousand tons piled on me

Seeing this light, I don’t want to go

But it seems it is too late to escape you

One more breathe I try to breathe

And one last breathe leaves me

Up in this place I call my heaven

Though what is the point?

Everything I want is down there

This glorious paradise anything I want

Though what is the point?

Everything I want is down there

I scream but they don’t here

I fight but this in-between keeps me here

I run and run but this in-between pushes and fights back

The evil man that put me here still walks innocently

Why is he free and not me?

Is it my fault that I'm dead

Up in this so-called heaven

No, it can’t be

Father look closer

Mother stop forgetting

Look behind the mask he is trying to create

Will no one understand

Will no one find him

Am I just nothing to anyone?

Nobody cares not even the police

As the police get farther

My killer gets smarter

Hiding the evidence of me existing

Father looks closer

Mother never forgets

They see his flimsy mask

Get justice

I try to yell but they don’t hear me

They don’t need me

They know.

Police closing in

Justice going to be served

Yet again

I watch as my killer escapes his punishment

Now he is in his heaven

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This poem is about the book the lovely bones, I wrote it based off the book