The Lucy Diamond

Sparkling melody with the ring in the Lyra,
Wants distance between us in the Myra,
Little less bright than him who have
The power of telepathy,
But now i want the ride of Pegasus,
Love their shape of eyes,
An Almond...
Take me to the
Lucy Diamond.
Journey has started here
Away from u Lucy,
Going in the darkest night,
Thinking what will be there?
They don’t even forgive the light,
All the colours get lost in that night,
Going deeper inside, coming outside the white hole,
Here i see the Narnian Lands ,
Will they become our helping hands??

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This Poems Story

it's about the planet Lucy, which is made up of diamond,and writer wants to meet the Lucy ,also she wants to explore the world of Lyra (musical constellation in sky), she desires to get a ride on Pegasus who will take her to the Lucy,...but in the path she get entrapped in to the dark hole, here she escaped through it sucessfully, with the help of white hole...and now, she enters into the new world of The Narnia, completely different from earth, she Hopes that this narnian people will take her to meet the Lucy...and her journey continues..........