The Mad

and in the misty distance
thunder dances with it
from puffy clouds
I sit
I watch
I listen
my heart,
a beat within it
rolls like this drum
earth washed
of the toxic
and I am too cleansed
in this moment
and takes with it
the dust of these dusty days
...rain falling...
droplet by droplet
and I know, in this moment
there will be the lifting
the lifting of this haze
thunder beats
my heart in it
and its song
is one of praise
one of change
in praise of change?
my head,
it stays uplifted
for this is the gift
of the gifted
those who laugh
at all rains
for any moment
here...can seem tragic
but there lives hope
in every droplet
seemingly mad
we laugh
we dance
please pour
...we laugh and say...


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