The Magic of Musicals

As I lay on the couch
In the late afternoon lull,
I say to my brother, “Let’s go see a musical!”

Of course he accepts, and the reason is this:
The magic of a musical you just cannot miss!

The playbills handed out, the smell of leathery seats,
My brother sits down, and a handful of popcorn he eats
The billowing red curtain rises up,
As I take a quick sip out of my soda cup

Out comes the actors, one by one
The magic of a musical has just begun!

This musical in particular is a special sight
A curly, red-haired orphan
And an orphanage owner, who is quite a fright!

The first song sings of the poor orphans there,
Whose memories of parents in their heads are bare
They were left with an orphanage owner who just doesn’t care
About how special each and every orphan is there

The next songs talk about things of all kinds,
A very hard life with orphans undermined
A song about tomorrow, full of hope
A song about smiles that helps orphans cope,
One about money coming in fast
And another about being together at last

This musical is a masterpiece,
Or helps you feel hope for our world at least

As we watch the actors, the musical comes to life
This musical which was at first filled with strife
Is now giving feelings of optimism and confidence

The glamorous curtain is closing now,
As all of the talented actors take a bow
My brother and I clap and cheer
And we realize the time is here
To leave to magic of the stage
This would normally make us filled with rage

But after a musical like this one,
We realized the importance of enjoying everything we have
So on the orphans’ behalf,
We exit the stage with a laugh

We make the drive home slow,
Talking as we go
About the wonderful magic of a musical.

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