The magic of Nature

You can smell the salty ocean scent
As the sand filling gaps between your toes
The sand was diamonds, glistening in the bright sun
Whooshing waves washed endlessly upon the seashore
The waves was as blue as the bright clear sky
Singing songs as they rolled against the sand
Whoosh! Swoosh!

I prop my head down against my hand
Imagining the most wonderful things at the beach
Like beautiful mermaids resting gracefully on rocks
Waving their delicate long tails lazily
And the long lost treasure being buried by pirates

Watching the wind whistling, whirling in wonders
The sky shows me the beauty of seagulls flying by
Laughters can be heard everywhere
Haha! Haha! Haha!
It takes you to another whole new world
At the beach

There is nothing more better than the beach
Where beauty was given it’s name
Where happiness can not be expressed
The wind was heard on the boardwalk,
like the whispers of families that had left long ago
That’s the magic of the beach

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