The Magician’s Assistant

By Ophelia   

Remember when you fucked me for the first time
Mother Nature had just died and left humanity malnourished
Full of hunger and thirst I mistook
Your shy thrusts with tenderness
Your lecherous glimpses with nurturing affection
But that’s not what it was about
Impending doom when
You reduced me to a punch line of a joke I wasn’t in on
You became a child murderer that day
You knew when your snake fingers traced my virgin body
And your magic tricks left me bedazzled
How I loved your illusions
The words pretty like confetti but only smoke
The cards spoke of a future yet untold
But a magician’s assistant is made to disappear
Though you never made it clear
As you cut me in two
I wanted to perform well but didn’t know how to
Isn’t it a pity I ruined your show
My body stitched up to the old familiar foe
I did it myself when you left the stage
It would never be the same anymore
Lost of its childlike faith
The source of your shame
I won’t let you forget
I’ll haunt you like a wraith and wreck your name
Until the conscious thrill of truth
Makes a mockery of your brain

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