The Magicians First Spell

With the smirk of a demon
And a shoal of wool

Is your judgment and superstition
Your righteous power to rule?

With a thousands eyes staring away
And a mirror to light your tool

Is it gods weapon
That your trying to fool?

Hiding in love
Showing true fear

No needs to worry
Misery is here

Left without a sight
Of what might be clear

Ascending to the sky
In an angels tear

The spirit of all mothers
Bearing pity for our souls

Like every puppet behind each other
Every deed taking its toll

Asking a question in shallow fire
A lost heroes ghoul

With my eyes in your hand
You will be my doll

With every martyrs blood
There is a lost tale

Where they stood and accomplished
All else would fail

The webs of death
In the seeds of Bail

The issuing of the first strike
Heavens first mail

When will the light show
And our temptations finally see

That our desires to love each other
Is where we really want to be

The reflection in the mirror
Is it really me?

Or the pathway to tranquility
With Abraham's tree?

Will our eyes really be frozen
In the last suppers meal

Giving up the desire
To gamble or deal

And our blind love
What we really feel

Our paths crossing endlessly
Like times wheel

With the honesty in my heart
What else could I say

To get through and by
Just yet another day

Trying to find the endless sea
To cure the tears of blood, I may

May this longing to find this truth
Never go away

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