The Majesty of a Woman

The majesty of a woman is not defined by a man
It's her own walk and talk; it's the way she stands
It's the breath that she breathes, it's the way that she smiles
Not how many times she's been down the aisle
It's the way she laughs; it's the way she cries
It's the way she dries the tears from her eyes
It's not the price tag on the clothes that she wears
It's not how much she pays someone to do her hair
The way she carries herself doesn't depend on these things
Any more than if she had a diamond ring
The majesty of a woman is unique to herself
One's majesty is not the same as anyone else
Some may look similar at first glance
But majesty is different for every woman
The majesty of a woman embodies so much
Like her grace and dignity; her courage and her touch
With her head held high, without her nose in the air
With a spirit of giving and a heart full of care
The majesty of a woman is not beauty or wealth
It's her conviction and love of God, above all else

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