The Majority

A taste of nature, the smell of fear,
Your heart beating faster, footsteps you can here.
Your heart is pounding, your bearings are gone,
If you don't find the path back you know you won't last long.
There is something chasing you, you can feel it breathe,
Then it grabs you and you start to bleed.
You fight to escape, but it's to late,
The beast is upon you to seal your fate.
But then from above, you see the light,
Your confidence is restored and so is your fight.
Your life is spared and so is your soul,
For the first time in your life you feel whole.
But as time goes by you tend to forget,
And take for granite the salvation you were sent.
And once again you travel alone,
In a dark and lonesome world,
Without a light and without a home.

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