The making of the new me

A body of clay to be remodelled today.
A soul that was frail shattered and turned grey.
The boy created by his past is left to die.
So the man he must become to survive his future must wave goodbye.

His dreams shattered and left to rot in a world that decided to eat him up.
So now he complies gives up on what he would become all of the hopes that just never seemed to come.
He awaits for the day that he is pushed too far when he can't fight any more and erupts.
This is the day he fears the day he will look into a mirror and not recognise the monster he's become.

Love was not for him he loved only to be knocked down everytime.
It was as if him being with someone was some sort of crime.
That must be avoided by all it left him in the dark to wonder why what has he done to deserve it.
He realised that he was the problem he wasn't good enough so he decided to change to forget himself for someone else.

He may not be himself anymore but in reality the real him was gone long before.
He had just finally decided to let go so that he may finally have something more.

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