The Malibu Club

I have seen the beauty of this Earth
The wonders of the Princess Louisa Inlet
The mighty power of the shifted plates that make mountains
I have seen bonds of eternal friendship
Bonds which were formed in just hours upon arrival

I have heard the song of the waves
The angry crash of water on rock
The distant rumble of Chatterbox Falls
I have heard the voice of my God, whispering to my soul
Like any Father would to His daughter

I have felt the warmth of glacial runoff
The sticky texture of salt water on my skin
The vibration of my vocal cords as I join in the nightly singing
I have felt the hard stone that was my doubt
Soar through the air to the depths of the inlet, gone

I have smelled the salty sea air that comes with the ocean
The smoky fabric of my rough blanket
The pheromones of adventure and exploration
I have smelled the muskiness of that little bead shop
Where I lingered every day, making trinkets and knick knacks

I have tasted the salt of the Loquilts river
The satisfying sweetness of ice cream after a long day
The experience of true happiness
I have tasted a sample of Heaven
A taste as indescribable as eternity

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