The Man

I woke up by 3 am to study.

Crept out of my warm blankets, 
stepped out of my cosy bed, 
reluctant to leave the smell of 
my precious pillows.
Time to part you buddies.

The debate between the AC's chill 
And my buddies' warmth was 
My drug. The hardest drug... 
A hearty sleep.

My legs refused to move to the washroom,
To brush, to fresh up.. 
I forced shut my begging nerves
And washed off the sleep 
With ice cold tap water.

With a steaming mug of coffee 
I sat i front of the books, 
Ready for the study.. should make it worth of sacrificing a sleep.

Thats when I realise that I left a book
In my bedroom and went to get it back.
But I froze on the way
Looking at all the sleeping faces in my home.
All sleeping happy,
Only me studying.

Oh only me on earth.
Why me?

Oh baby! Reality hits hard.
Am I the only one?
At this time awake... ? No!

I had a man is also awake by this time.

A man abroad far from me.
A man though far, still minds at me.
A man though far, still thoughts around me.
A man shedding sweat, more than he 
should at his age.
A man putting his days at risks to make  mine smooth.
A man who cradled me softly against his chest, 
now with 
no one to wait for him to come home.

A man awake not for his sake but for mine.

And why am I still worried to be awake for my
sake when he can?

What have I done to deserve your love dad?

Why do you have to go so much hard to settle me happy?

And why do I still worry about sleeps when you don't?

I am not alone. I have you.

I am not running out of sleep.
I am just going to make you too proud to still have feet on ground.

I love you❤

A longing daughter awaiting her dad's arrival

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