The Man

I look into your eyes and I see your passion
he's got a hunger for life, a heart of gold
if the truth be told
a champion to many, a conqueror to me
happiness in his left-hand, pain in his right
and he will hold on tight
for both give him motivation for a better life
strength helps bare the weight of many lives
for his strength seen miles away
like the strongest knight,fighting and fighting a endless fight
blood sweat and tears
display the struggle, the force, the hustle
day and night
wrong over power right
for the battle is in the mind,the challenge in the heart
but the fight was always in the soul
his soul
fighting with him, holding himself back, killing he softly
now it's time to replace the pain with love
the struggle with accomplishment
and the strength will remain
for it is needed to maintain
in a world of so much hate and negativity
let his soul free
and him will no longer fight with he

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