The Man Died

'So the man died? '
'Hung from a tree he climbed.'

'They say; a director, husband and father?'
'The three crowns, he did not consider.'

'A new father for that matter, wasn't he?
'A seventeen year wait and then babies born three.'

'The wife?'
'On the hospital bed, was told the end of his life.'

'And provisions for their care?'
'A note and a prayer: God guide your affairs.'

'Strange times. One wonders, why?'
'Well, there is talk of powers up high.'

'Yes, of those who hold the purse that pays the bill.'

'You mean, the reason can be found where he worked?
'Perhaps, there was after all no pay eleven months long.'

'And this employer, he walks scot-free? No stain on his conscience? No sense of shame?'
'Now when it's a government too big to blame.'

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