The Man from the White House


I turn on my TV anticipating the news.
No one offers information just unscientific clues.
A man in a white house with an insincere stare
announces small nothings. Wow look at that hair!
My family is struggling they had voted for him.
My father lays dying from the virus that got in.
My mother is crying his chances are gone
her tears keep on falling as time marches on.
Death holds its procession from hospital rooms
yet the news we are hearing is this will all be over soon.
What happened to my country? What happened to the truth?
Do Black lives really matter or is that just more news?
Waves are crashing into violence blood washing down our streets.
The man from the white house poses no comfort for me.
My days are filled with darkness, my eyes fail to see.
A podium belches its message start voting to be free.
Will ever this be over? Is a vote all we need?
Will death seek to find me? Will God save our country?

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