The Man Himself

a mother n child hand in hand.
stumbled across a homeless man.
cardboard sign in hand the little girl looks up at her mother.
mommy mommy can we please help him?

the mother gives the girl a tug n says not today we must be on r way.
so the little girl bends down whispers something in his ear.
gives him a tight hug as tears roll down her face she walks away.
the next day same man,sign,same can.
little girl says mommy mommy can we help him today?
the mom says i am not in any mood to help this man.
n again they went along there way.
the little girl looked back n sighed.
after all she tried n tried.
one day a man shows up in a white limo.
dressed to impress he knocks at the little girls door.
the mom answers n says yes can i help u?
he says no when i needed u most u denied me.
im here to see emily sue.
the little girl runs to him n hugs him ever so tightly.
she said i new those sandwichs and glass of milk,
i hid for u everyday would make everything ok.
the mom burst in tears when the little girl said after all
who would not want to feed jesus!

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