The man I met

The man I met today
He didn't walk the other way
He said I'm here, here to stay
I'm not going away
I'm the man you met today

When you lay and close your eyes
Sitting by your side
I'll be there just like any day
If you fear I'll protect you
Never reject you
When your lost
I'll lead the way be your guide
If you hunger I shall provide

I'm the man that's is the one and only way

I will not leave you
Even when you go away from me
But no matter how far
I'll search your heart
Giving you a new start
I'll be here waiting, waiting with open arms
I'm the man you met today

I walk with you talk with you
I'll keep you through the storm
I'm Jesus
I died for you
I gave my life
The one whom saved you
I love you
Place no one above me
I'll Make a right path you'll pass through
I'll lead the way
I'm the one and only man that is the way
The one we all need today

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