The Man In The Black Shirt

The sepia solitude dissolved
As the golden broke across the sky
and the dawn glazed in her eyes

The led blazed 7:30
The trains were hardly on time
A caramel latte and structures of benzene
Was all that swirled in her mind.

To different stations shuffled
people of different kinds
the chaos that whirled around didn't bind
her spirit that stayed submerged
Into a quiet.

greens of trees and ochre walls hazed
the unsleeping eyes that gazed
As the beats in her earphones raised
she was illuded into a reverie
of the world that never changed.

the station streamed with people
and yellow lights
They called it a morose Monday
breeze embraced her hair
as she walked through the way
smiling at the quarrelling pair.

There was something strange that made her
look aside
dark hued eyes glared at her
mirroring a dark forest
with woods having an unresolved maze

She kept walking as she shifted her sight
it startled her how she felt
the unceasing gaze
of that man in the black shirt.

she paced faster
Only to notice
in the loud chaos of people
the faint voice of
the boots that followed behind.

an eerie fear made her heartbeat rise
something so small had shuffled the core's tides
high and low
they fell and rose

She was alone
And her heart furled like the radiant core of the daisy
curling up the scintilla of hope and light
And only dark shadows of unnerving thoughts
were imbibed by her mind.

she dared to turn
and the glance
of the man in the black shirt
stayed fixated.
the effulgence of her eyes was faded dim
and a dazed mind was caught up in jitters
She kept walking and walking
she forgot where she was going

She reached a crossing
the traffic signals changed lights
and turned once again
her eyes searched for the man in the black shirt
And he was not there.

A tranquil ran through her fiery spirit
and a little calm embraced the rim
Of her heart.

That day
everything stayed the same
But when she saw another man in a black shirt
She was afraid it was him.

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