The Man in the Mirror

I wake up this morning and who do I see,
But a man in the mirror, staring at me.
Who is this man that stares back at me,
Is it a reflection, what do I see?
He says that he knows me from long time ago,
He does look familiar, the more that I know.
I'm afraid to look in, afraid what I'll find,
He says with a smile, know me it's time.
The reflection is clear, the more that I see,
The reflection of God staring at me.
He says with a smile, it's been quite some time,
Welcome back, I miss you my child.
My eyes swell with tears, for I'm happy to see,
The God that's within smiling at me.
The reflection is gone, the man now I see,
Is someone I know, a man who's at peace.
It's easy to change the person within,
Just look in the mirror and accept with a grin.
The reflections the same for woman or man,
The reflection of God, the reflection of man.

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