The Man in the Wind

The man in the wind is an interesting specimen,
a man who had decided to try and live again.
He has been through many rough patches in his life
But the one known as his own son John has lowered
his strife. The man in the wind is battered by debt
and sadness as his home is torn apart and the
shingles on the roof become upset by the wind.

But nothing is as tragic or sad, as the
death of John's dad, who was carried away by the wind.
Who knew that nature could commit such a sinning.
But it was a time for a new beginning
for without John's dad a boy would become a man.
And john buried his father six feet under in the
middle of winter. Then something that
was a mystery happened.

Where that man was buried a seed of hope was planted
In the spring after the storm above Johns father a
sapling appeared. O, that summer the tree grew,
ten feet tall as a yew, and John knew that as the
birds nested in the hollow of the tree,
the man in the wind nestled in the hollows
of his heart, and he smiled as he watered the tree.

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