The Man of My Dreams

Who is the man from my dream?
The warm familiar tingle I feel on my skin.
The piercing eyes I felt but don't know the color of.
The strong firm grip I knew I'd feel safe and secure in.
That voice I will remember always.
The way he looked at me will be etched in my head.
I felt love, lust, respect, longing all rolled into one.
Who is the man from my dream?
My soul felt like it was whole.
Is this the one I'm meant to love?
Is he the one I have been waiting my life for?
Who is the man from my dream, the one I can't forget.
His name is lost in the clouds of mist,
but I swear when I meet him it will roll right off my Tounge.
Who is the man from my dream?
The wave of his dark hair, the softness of his winter beard.
Him, the sea swept boyish cocky grin.
Him, the glorious sculpted body from a boy to a mysterious
but wondrous man.
He the kindhearted, he the brave.
He the intelligent, the witty, the vulnerable,
the reasonable, the wise.
Is he the one who will make me his wife?
The half creator of my children,
the friend and future lover I'm destined to live old with?
Was this a glimpse lord, or just a tease?
I pray this man will be the savior of my dreams.

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