The Man On The Way

Feel the cold nights of the darkness,
Hark one more time the songs of sadness,
The man Victory on the way,
Coming from the clouds and craziness,
Listen one more time the beauty of warm wind,
Remembering the days of sunshine,
To welcome the man of Glory and the happiness,
Utter the lyrics of melancholy,
Standing on the hills of silence,
Beautify the heart with kindness,
Memory comes to announce the glad Hour,
Singing with dancing the gloomy morning,
Friends and families of Earth,
Salute me and my words for optimism,
Walk on one more time in the path of shadows,
To feel the cool sorrow,
Today I’m saying the words of togetherness,
The man Hope and The Beliefs on the way,
Waiting in the city of paradise,
Feel the feelings of my soul,
Birds of village visits in your world,
Don’t overlook the thrones of past,
Move on and move on and move on,
The man History on the way.

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