The Manic’s Room

Welcome to my world, I seep in your mind and lay
In a corner I stay, looking at the very heart of body
I wrap myself around her eyes, may she be blind
I coil her lips as a serpent, only for her to be death
As for her mind, I break it down for reality to be none
May the doctors know what I am not
Why they only use a word to describe the girl
She is nothing more than a monster
A word meant to describe the whole being she is
They are only describing me
The room in where I lay
Is the manic born from the world
In where mother was gone
Father nonexistent
All in where I was
The heart of family
The heart of friends
Was nothing more than a locked door
Welcome to the Manic's Room
In where I sit with no words
Sit with no sight
For the next pill to come
For the doctor to come see me
This is my room

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