The many ponders of my heart

And I wonder when I will be,

And I wonder when this will seize,

I ponder on the life I have lived and the one I meant to be from with in.

And I wonder of the many feelings in me,

And I wonder of the string in between.

I ponder on the person living in an ocean full of emotions.

And I wonder what this all means,

And I wonder if all will be redeem,

I ponder on the moment when we will be and the truth that sets us free

And I wonder if existence and life will be,

And I wonder if any still believe,

And I ponder on existence and in the root of its being

And I wonder if unity can be the thread of humanity once again

And I wonder if love could fulfill its Goal in this human soul

I ponder on love and the meaning it holds

And I wonder if life could survive its path in the middle of both

And I wonder if this path could recognize its life in the purpose of it all

I ponder on a reconciliation in which life would recognize it self and existence would see

Hope beyond its realm

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This Poems Story

There are many times when I seat and gaze at life, sometimes looking forward sometimes looking back and this is what comes from it.