The Mask

In the darkness we lay
Still as frozen as ice.
Yet our mind was as heavy
As the prison guards heart.
Can’t shut your eyes
As you stare at the ceiling.
All the problems are here
Staring back at you, grinning.
What is the list
That we mentally scribe?
What are our goals
That have slowly died?
As we take off our mask
Every day before bed,
We reveal our scars
That have slowly bled.
Take a look in the mirror
And there we still stand,
Somewhere stuck in time
Between twelve and now.
Wrinkles, freckles, birthmarks, sunspots,
All still there as long journeys map.
How much change
Through the years we endured?
The rewards, the heartbreaks, the loss,
All the things we have chased
Like a big pot of gold.
What have we gained?
What have we lost?
As we lay here in bed,
Not recalling the worst.
Our eyes like a well,
Fill up with tears.
Tonight we let our emotions rule,
Let them out, like a pack of hungry wolves.
Let them roam, exploring the dark
Fill the corners, get out of the trap.
A cage that build
To keep out our doubts,
Melts away in the dark
And takes over our heart.
We toss and we turn,
Too cold, too hot.
All night our mind racing
Trying to outrun the dark.
And as morning rolls in
We are back on track,
Building up the walls,
Reinventing the plans.
We put on our mask
As we brush our teeth.
Lock back all the memories,
As we breath in deep
And face indeed
What is the new day.

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