The Mask

Is a smile ever really a smile?
Isn’t blinking just a way of hiding our tears?
If everything has the opposite , we are never really happy, are we?
If you question, do the questions ever truly get answered, as it just leads to another question?
Is my life just a shadow?
I hide behind a mask of a smile.
My shadow never fades.
You never truly know me.
Never truly see me.
Never truly me, as you seek through blind eyes.
Your eyes, they see only what is visible to them.
Your eyes are not able to see behind the mask.
Never truly hear me.
Never really hear me, as you hear through deaf ears.
Your ears, they hear only what speaks aloud.
Your ears can not hear
The truth being said but never spoken.
Never truly understand me.
Never really understand me, as you think through a closed mind.
Your brain, as it can only comprehend what it knows to be true.
You think with one dimension of the appearance that you perceive.
Under the mask hides a shadow.
No emotion.
No life.
No feeling.
Always swimming to take a breath of air only to be pushed down by the next wave.
A shadow so black one can never tell if you're in the void or are it.
No heart.
No soul.
Just black.

This is my lonely shadow behind my mask.

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