The Mask

All day long I wear this mask
and seeing through is an impossible task
These eyes are barred and hollowed out
No one gets in and no one gets out
These hollow eyes make my sight distorted
attempts to see my true self are thwarted
By lying eyes that deceive all
they like to watch me crumble and fall
But the extent that I'm broken no one can see
because this mask is Ed and not really me
What you might see as only crying
behind this mask I'm secretly dying
But all the while with a smile on my face
the mask deceives with its style and grace
The lips lie to everyone and keep me silent
and when I'm alone they are cruel and violent
Behind these pink lips are razor sharp teeth
that tear me apart piece by piece
What's left of me is afraid to speak
afraid to fight, afraid I'm too weak
Maybe someday I'll be able to break out
so the real me can laugh and shout
Maybe someday you'll see the real me
break off the mask and I will be free

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