the mask behind the mask

When we think of masks we think of suffering,
People dying from diseases without stopping.
Teenagers hiding from the world to deny what they feel.

When we think of masks we think of pain,
We think of inconvenience, which is sometimes in vain.
When we look at the past year it’s chaos and disarray.
When we think of masks it's a different way to portray,
Who we are and who we want to be.

There is a theme of canceling culture;
But it seems impossible when everyone acts like a vulture
And because of ordinance with our cities we forget how to smile;
And the violence in our cities makes them become more hostile.

People hide behind masks when destroying others communities;
And even if we try no one can hide behind immunity;
To a virus that has torn apart the world,
A virus that caused disunity.
The masks that we wear give us less air
The masks that we wear make it unfair.
To see what lies beneath the sheet
That separates us from health and defeat.

Why is something that can save our lives given the worst connotation;
Even if there wasn’t a pandemic they would still be in style.
They would just be better hidden behind our million dollar smiles,
The ones that want you to stay and talk for a while.

Now a once ‘medical use only’ creation
Has become a staple to state compliance;
Because who wants to be cast aside for their defiance.
That’s why masks exist in the first place.
They cover our hearts in every single way;
To mask the beat of the heart from the break.
To mask the body from a virus that has caused the world to tremble and shake.

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