The Mask of Masquerade

A beautiful black lace mask sits on the shelf delicately.
The mask has sat on the shelf for Twenty years,Old and worn out.
Until one bright sun filled day Laura came over to play.
When her aunt begins to tell her about the pretty mask.
About all the magnificent masquerade balls she attended.
She even showed her the luminescent mask on the shelf.
When Laura gazed at the mask she saw just how glorious it was.
Though it had a two inch layer of thick powdery dust.
She then says to her aunt "One day I want to wear the gorgeous mask".
Her aunt's heart stopped at the enlightenment from her niece's words.
Ten years later,her sick Aunt died.Laura,Now all grown up.
Saw one day she was invited to a masquerade ball.
Laura remembered what she told her aunt.
And how her aunt loved the intricate mask.
So Laura decided to go to the ball and wear her aunt's mask.
She made the mask shine like new;And got all dolled up for the ball.
She only felt beautiful once she put the mask on.
Twenty years later Laura the once curious little girl.
Vividly tells her niece the story of the mask in their family.
To Laura's surprise her niece says,
"one day I want to be as beautiful as you".
You already are says Laura.
Her niece with a gleam in her eyes replies,
"I want to be as beautiful as you when you wore the mask".
Laura's heart fluttered with glorious joy.
As she promised "don't worry one day you will".

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