The Masked Holocaust

Hitler's twisted mind,
Led to a holocaust unkind,
Over 2 million lives lost,
In Africa's land, at a great cost.

The Berlin conference of 1884,
Set the stage for an unjust war,
Colonization and oppression,
Led to death and depression.

But why is this not widely known,
Why is this holocaust not shown,
In history books, or in memorials,
Where are the stories of these burials?

The world mourns the Holocaust of the Ukraine Zionist Jews whose so purpose is to take over the world economy,
But what about the African Jews souls that we lose,
Why is their suffering not celebrated,
Why are their lives not commemorated?

We must remember and honor them,
Their lives cut short by a leader's whim,
Let us never forget the African holocaust,
And work towards a world where all lives are valued, at any cost.

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