The Mask\’s We Wear

The truth is, we all fade away sometimes,
Whether you’re a happy person, an exciting person, or someone comfortable in your own skin,
The process of fading away sets in,
Sinks in,
And buries itself so deep within,

We all try to fight the urge to drift away,
To focus on moving forward with our day,
To focus on the tasks that’s sent our way,
We all aim to move forward,
To try and shame the pain,

Or maybe its not necessarily pain we feel in that moment,
Could it be a way our brain wants us to escape?
Not from pain, emotion or reality,
Just generally the person we are all trying so hard to be,
Although we may not notice it,
We are genetically structured to wear three faces,

The first face you see, we can all agree
Is the one we show to only our family,
Its full of laughter, compassion and rage,
We put it on show we put it on stage,

We show them how happy and grateful we are with the laughter we share,
We show them compassion by the words and love that we bare,
We show them rage, by explanation of our day, and the frustrations that were made.
And we put that all on stage, allowing them to think deep within where happy and okay,

The second face, is the one that no one truly understands,
It’s the face we show to our lovers and friends,
We use this face to tell the world “hey where okay, where doing fine and living great”

There are three aspects to this face you see,
that we wear compressed ever so tighly,
By being there for them through sadness and happiness
even if where the ones on meds and depressed,
We carry there burdons even when our life is a mess

The worst part is, when your so caught up in helping them, you never truly allow anyone in,
Our lovers or friends, never really look for it,
Because being so good at pretending your okay is your biggest sin
We focus on helping them through the hard times,
and when they do something wrong you still fix it so everything’s alright ,

The third face we wear, is usually the ones we have such troubles to bear,
Its the one that could truly scare
It’s the face we wont dare show the world,
Its tainted, its original and yet it’s a face only you get to see,
It wears our thoughts,
Carries our souls,
And scolds our history
It’s the deepest darkest part of who we are going to be,
Its deep and dark like the deepest darkests parts of the sea,
Full of sadness, and doubt, love and creation,
Laughter, joy and complete destruction,

This is the face, that makes drifting away,
So easy to handle too easy to take,
We all drift away, with burdens and sadness,
But can you handle a drift away, in an ocean of madness?

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