The Masquerade

I walk in feeling more beautiful than I've ever felt.
Not recognizing anyone.
It's dim,and gorgeous here as we hide all our welts.
It's comfortable here, in a gathering of cagey strangers.
I drift to the middle of this calamity, not caring we're in danger.
The room is filled to capacity with masks, and a sweet scent.
It has chased away what sanity was left.
Still, I don't want to leave, and trashed any defense.
I join in a toast as all us crazies lift our glasses.
Drinking from the cup of illusion, as in more content crashes.
Everyone laughs, the comfort is all too comical.
I couldn't leave if I wanted to, the collusion is too colossal.
I give my head a hard shake to see what I can recover.
In commences the music, my rational thoughts being covered.
We dance all night to the music, our thoughts never being discovered.

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