The Master of All

The Master of All
Looked down on his world,
Looked down on his world and cried.

“How could I have created
(Was it He who had made it?)
Such a sad world?”
He said with a sigh.

So He decided, to make a storm,
A storm so wild and free,
“To wipe them all out!”
He said with a shout,
So the other creatures,
Are in harmony.

So He went to the Ocean,
With new devotion,
To ask him to make a cloud.
But the Ocean just laughed,
Rather quite Baffled,
And roared in a voice rather loud.

“I can’t just achieve,
For that’s not how it be,
It’s Sun’s job to do that.
I merely collect it,
So that it’s not hectic,
How could you, not know this fact?”

Well the Master of All,
He looked quite appalled to be spoken to in this way,
So he dried up the Ocean
(And with new devotion)
Sauntered along on His way.

He went to the Sun,
(Not to be outdone)
To ask him to conjure a cloud.
And though he tried, he did try,
He could not comply,
because the ocean below was all dry.

He said”HA! I cannot,
and it is your fault,
you dried up the water below.
I need some water to make a storm
Ask the cloud there to perform!”
The Master of all,
he looked quite appalled,
to be spoken to in this way.
So he put out the sun,
(Not to be outdone),
and sauntered along on his way.

So he went to the cloud
(He wouldn’t be cowed)
To tell him to make a storm.
But he couldn’t do it,
But smiling through it
He said (with a breeze rather warm):

“I can’t,”

Well, the Master of All,
He looked quite appalled,
To be spoken to in this way.
So he blew out the cloud,
(Not to be cowed)
And sauntered along on his way.

When he was done,
He realized, with a gleam,
He’d destroyed every being who could
Realize his dream.

Now he would never,
Have his rain,
Never his floods,
Never his pain.
Not his lightning, not his thunder, nor his death,
Not his grand display of omnipotence.
Tsunamis, hurricanes,
Typhoons, blizzards,
Earthquakes, tornadoes,
Plaques, and giant meteors.

And he sat on his throne, and angrily steamed.
At the loss of his magnificent dream.

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