the masterpiece on the mantle

coming down in nothing; boxers
bumbling into the cold door knob
my backside was already fret
from riding, where? everywhere
Is it here? There it is.
"no, no, no--not just yet."
Outside the brightness
makes me feel like I don't belong
I shouldn't be here,
But then I saw it
the masterpiece on the mantle
holding steady holding strong
Award; on the clock
by God or Gods
or Mom and Dad
the girl that I live for
who makes me high
her cheeks her feet her curves and her tone
is she what it's by?
By all life! and dried flowers, they're nice
"Breakfast is ready now."
and before I gave birth to this idea
that one could be unhappy
I saw it again on the mantle
and asked, what will I do next.

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