The Me That I Use to Be

Hey you....who me?
Yes you...which me?
That me.....oh yeah?
THAT me......that I use to be.
I had a smile so bright with a heart so light. infrequently I see that me that I use to be.
Before the day this life took you away, there was a me.
Wait.....I can't remember the me that I use to be
Now that smile, it's still there but shows only occasionally.
And the heart just beats...
It's weighed down with grief.
Is this the new me?
The me that I'm supposed to be.
It can't be....The new me?
The one I don't even recognize.
Please let it be only temporarily.
The me that I am right now.
Please return....uplifted heart let the memories
cause that smile so bright instead.
Let it cause the world to look right.
from the eyes of the me that use to be.
Until then.....ok! Yes. I'll be patient.
I will grieve and let it be.
I will follow the path set in front of me.
But don't you dare expect to see..THAT me. Which me?
The me that I use to be.

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