The Meadow

One day in the meadow I met a fellow who asked me “who I wanted to be.”
I sat for a second, that was a weird question I reckoned, so I thought underneath a tree. I would want to be the person to help others,
be a savoir of sorts.
I would wanna be remembered when my final days fell short.
I would wanna be loved by the peoples hearts i've touched
I would wanna bring good karma into to the world
peace,tranquility and love,
I would like to play a part in ending world suffering and hunger.
And unlike many of today's youth, I want to be a role model to the younger.
I always want to be the person to stick up for what I believe in.
Most people today
walk through life like they never woke up and stopped dreaming.
I want to be the person you can tell that they are a good listener.
I want people to leave my presence say “wow I already miss her.”
But most of all what i’ve been trying to say from the beginning
As long as I stay true to myself I'll always be winning.
So I said to the fellow in the meadow as I stood up from the tree
“As long as I'm myself no matter what
i'm who I want to be.

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